Al-Noor Vision

Excellent education positively shapes the future lives of all our beloved students

Al-Noor Mission Statement

Al Noor School is committed to the pursuance of excellence in Islamic and academic studies, in the inculcation of values and morals, and in the development of a student's sense of social and civic responsibility. Al Noor School fosters diversity, motivates and prepares students for the acquisition of knowledge in higher education, and serves as leaders in the society. Al Noor School is dedicated to cultivate moral children: who represent the bright face of Islam to the world; who become great citizens and great leaders; who commit themselves to excellence, family, community, and humanity; who show in actions their great Islamic values, and who will be assets to America.

The Mission Statement Of Al-Noor Includes The Following Goals:

  • To provide a safe environment that foster diversity, acceptance, respect, and patience

  • To satisfy the educational, emotional, social and physical needs of all students.

  • To ensure that quality instruction is available to the weak students as well as the talented ones

  • To prepare our students for higher education, focusing on all the skills and requirements needed in college and in future lives

  • To instill in our students a love for learning that will continue throughout their lives

  • To inspire students and teachers towards academic excellence

  • To create a learning environment of the highest caliber

  • To motivate all the students for the acquisition of knowledge

  • To put more focus on the moral education (Tarbiah)

  • To develop the students' sense of social and civic responsibility

  • To encourage students to establish dialogue and to interact with people of other faiths, and to appreciate diversity

  • To teach our students to be critical thinkers, wise decision makers, and effective communicators.

Al-Noor Is A Candidate For Accreditation With Cognia