Al Noor School was formed in 1994 as a non-for profit organization with Federal Tax exempt status. It started as a K-6 school with a population of 320 students in the year 1995-1996. In 2001, the school had developed into K-12 with around 500 students and 72 staff. This year, the student population is 580 with 82 staff. Today, Al Noor is one of the largest and best-known Islamic schools in North America. Al Noor is recognized for its managerial competence, leadership capacities, and academic achievements. Al Noor has a charter school status and

registered with the NYC Department of Education as a high school granting Regents Diplomas.

Al Noor Graduates from 2002 to 2021: 964 students.

Collaborative Partners of Al Noor School

Al Noor has been active in community affairs: social, political, cultural, and financial. Over the years, Al Noor has been able to establish contacts and working relationships with government and non-government agencies, Arab/American organizations, and professionals. Examples of those partners include: Maimonides Medical Center, Politicians- City and Boroughs, Police Department, Fire Department, Religious Institutions (Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues), Educators, Professionals, and Scholars. School Facilities

30 Classrooms; a Nurse Room; a Daycare for teachers' children; a Resource Room; Cafeteria; Auditorium; Computer Lab; Science Lab; Playgrounds; Parking Lot; Offices; Teacher Rooms; Kitchen; Art Room.

First Graduating Class, 2002

Al Noor School Community was proud to have its first graduating class members attending the following colleges:

Our Graduates of the past 19 years (2002-2021) have attended the following institutions:


Al Noor School Capabilities and Potential

Over the years, Al Noor School has been able to: