Al-Noor's Academic Programs

Al- Noor Academic Program Elementary & Middle School


4/5th Grade

8th Grade Accelerated Programs

Al-Noor Academic Program High School

Qur'an Memorization: 9-12, Juz' Ama +

Islamic Studies: 9-12

World Language: 9 Arabic, 10 Arabic, 11 NYS Regents Arabic, 12 Advanced Arabic or Conversational Spanish or French. 

English: 9 ELA, 10 ELA, 11 NYS ELA/SAT English, 12 AP English Literature and Composition

Mathematics: 9 NYS Regents Algebra I, 9/10 NYS Regents Geometry, 10/11 NYS Regents Algebra II/SAT Math, 11/12 Pre-Calculus,  12 AP Calculus AB*

*Students who enter 9th grade with Algebra I, take the accelerated track.

Sciences: 9 NYS Regents Living Environment, 9/10 NYS Regents Chemistry, 10/11 Environmental Science or NYS Regents Physics, 11/12 Health, 12 AP Psychology

*Students who enter 9th grade with Living Environment, take the accelerated track.

Social Studies: 9 Global History I and Geography, 10 NYS Regents Global History II and Geography, 11 US History and Government, 12 Economics and Civics

Social Science: 12 AP Psychology

Art: 9 Art and Annual Art Fair Project, 12 Graphic Design 

Computer Studies: 9

Gym: 9-12

PSATs/SAT: 9,10/11

NYS Regents Classes

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

*non-regents option available NYS Math in 8th grade and Environmental Science in 11th grade.

Advanced Placement College Board Courses

Every school year, Al-Noor School offers various AP courses based on student demand and teacher availability.  An AP (Advanced Placement) course is a college-level course that students take in high school and concludes with an AP exam in May.  It requires a higher level of commitment to studying and a deeper understanding of the subjects.  Typically, 9th and 10th grade students may take 1 AP course in a school year.  Juniors and seniors may take more than one. Remember, it's the students' responsibility to balance their course workload with all the other commitments.  Here are some benefits of completing an AP course:

The available courses this year 2022 - 2023 are as follows:

The following AP courses are offered only to seniors within their normal school schedule:

Check back in September to see if other courses are offered based on teacher availability and student interest, past courses include: