E-mail Address

Dr. Alhasel , Abdulhakeem Principal
Hamid, Ahmad Elementary & Middle School Assistant Principal
Gheith, Maha High School Assistant Principal for disciplinary  Affairs
Kasim, Nazih Accountant
Hassan, Yasmeen Accountant
Hussein, Shorouk Counselor
Alsahybi, Sana Office Manager
Mozeb, Wafa High School Registry
Nassir, Namah Office Staff
Zaid, Shaymaa Office Staff
Osman, Ahmed Security
Almathil, Basheer Security
Ben-Romdhane, Azaiez Kitchen
Dolah, Khalid BOT Chairman
Tom, Gamal BOT Secretary
mostafa, Osama BOT Education
Khan, Md BOT Treasurer
Ahmad, Salah Soliman BOT Education
Tamara, Abdelhamed BOT Education
Dr. Abdulhakeem Alhasel Head of English Dept.
Bibi Esahack Head of History Dept.
Maha Gheith Head of Math Dept.
Yihia Mohammad Academic Counselor & Head of Science Dept.
Hassan Boudari Head of Arabic Dept.
Ahmed Raiq Abdullah Head of Qur’an Dept.

If you are trying to reach a staff member, please call the main school number:  (718) 768-7181