Teachers Name

E-mail Address


Alhame Alzoubeir  Assistant Tacher
Arwa Alukam arwa.alukam@alnoornyc.org 3G  Girls Homeroom
Ebrahim Saif ebrahim.saif@alnoornyc.org Computer
Esraa Elsayed esraa.elsayed@alnoornyc.org 2 Grade Homeroom
Faiza Abdallah faiza.abdallah@alnoornyc.org 1 Grade Homeroom
Faten Hammad faten.hammad@alnoornyc.org  Assistant  Teacher
Gana Suliman gana.suliman@alnoornyc.org Teacher / Homerrom
Hagar Talab hagir.talab@alnoornyc.org Arabic / Qur’an
Hala Abbas hala.abbas@alnoornyc.org Arabic
Hanan Abdelrahman hanan.abdelrahman@alnoornyc.org Qur’an
Hanna Amireh hanna.amireh@alnoornyc.org 3G Boys Homeroom
Huda Salama huda.salama@alnoornyc.org Arabic
Kawther Elsayed kauther.elsayed@alnoornyc.org Arabic / Qur’an
Magda Soliman Assistant
Manal Ali manal.ali@alnoornyc.org Teacher
Muna Elder muna.elder@alnoornyc.org Qur’an
Nabila Hafied nabila.hafied@alnoornyc.org Arabic
Nama Althaibani nama.althaibani@alnoornyc.org 4G Boys Homerom
Robaka Miah Computer
Rana Abdallah rana.abdallah@alnoornyc.org Assistant Teacher
Rehab Molokhia rehab.molokhia@alnoornyc.org Art
Rokshana Chowdhury Assistant Teacher
Sabah Abuelaynein sabah.abuelaynein@alnoornyc.org Arabic / Qur’an
Safa Almassoudi safa.almassoudi@alnoornyc.org Teacher
Sara Bouchami sara.bouchami@alnoornyc.org Qur’an
Sherine Elafifi sherine.elafifi@alnoornyc.org 4G Girls Homeroom
Tanzila Rahman tanzila.rahman@alnoornyc.org Director
Thanaa Tantawy thanaa.tantawy@alnoornyc.org Arabic / Qur’an
Zainab Toom zainab.toom@alnoornyc.org Teacher
Zuhour Albawni zuhour.albawni@alnoornyc.org Qym


If you are trying to reach a staff member, please call the main school number:  (718) 768-7181