Our Past
Al Noor School was founded in 1995. It was a time marked by great hardship and educational reform. Prior to the opening of Al Noor School our students were predominantly educated in the NYC public school system. It was the job of the parent to obtain an Arabic / Islamic tutor to assist in educating their children in Arabic language and Islamic studies. With the opening of Al Noor our students were able to excel in their academic as well as Islamic studies.

Our Present
Al Noor School presently educates in excess of 650 students. Due to the tremendous demand we have a yearly back log of students waiting to enter our school. Our current facility cannot accommodate all these students forcing them to attend a public school without the benefit of Islamic and Arabic language studies. Our graduates have gone on to elite universities such as Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, New York University and the Sophie Davis School of Medicine, just to name a few.

Our Future
It is our dream to build a new five story, 117,000 square foot facility. This school will educate in excess of 2,000 students, ranging from nursery to 12th grade as well as special needs children. The new facility will boast state of the art science laboratories, gymnasium, swimming pool, computer labs, prayer rooms and a sprawling English and Islamic library. The new facility will be the largest Islamic educational institution in the United States, Inshallah.