9B VS 10B  Final Score 19 X 16   Winner (9B)

9B VS 12B Final Score 12 X 35   Winner (12B)

11B VS 10B Final Score 29 X 26 Winner (11B)

9B VS 11B  Final Score  22X34 Winner (11B)

12B VS 11B Final Score 40X26 Winner (12B) Champion TC-LSBK91-PP

20150512_121139-120150512_12114720150515_12162320150515_12162610B X11B20150518_121227

Open School Night 03/27/2015

20150327_19314920150327_19285420150327_19240620150327_192612 (1)

Al Noor School Spelling Bee March 3-5/2015

20150304_09344520150305_09463920150305_0946542015-03-05 10.06.52

 Al Noor School Culture Day Wednesday, Feb 04/ 2015 


Trip to Aviator Sports and Events Center On Thu 02/04/2015 for 9 grade (B)AviatorSport300x250IMG_1014IMG_1035IMG_1108


 Open School Night 12/12/2014


Al-Noor CPR (Cardio pulmonary resuscitation) Class 11/23/2014


 Al-Noor School Career Fair Nov 06/2014

20141106_100415 20141106_100421 20141106_100321

المسابقة السنوية الخامسة في حفظ الحديث الشريف مسابقة الحديث 2015  

تحت إشراف/ الأستاذ حسن بوداري



   Subject:  Annual Hadith Memorization Competition

The school is conducting an exercise in the memorization of forty Hadith. The text being used is Imam Nawawi Forty Hadith.   The teachers involved and encouraging students to memorized are: ü  Shaykh Yahya ü  Br. Hassan Boudari ü  Sr. Amal ü  Sr. Hannan   Students will be tested on May 29, 2015 for students in all the grades.   Each day and before the Salaah begins, teachers will recite the words of a hadith for students to memorize. We request that you encourage your child to memorize as many hadith as he/she can