Al Noor's Academic Program

Regents Classes

  • Earth Science (Grade 8)

  • Algebra I (Grade 9)

  • Living Environment (Grade 9)

  • Global History (Grade 10)

  • Chemistry (Grade 10)

  • Geometry (Grade 10)

  • Physics* (Grade 11)

  • Algebra II (Grade 11)

  • English Language (Grade 11)

  • Arabic (Grade 11)

  • US History (Grade 11)

Al- Noor Academic Program (Primary & Middle School)

  • Leveled Reading Program: K-5

  • STEM/STEAM Program: 4-8

  • 8th Grade Regents Classes: Earth Science & Algebra I

  • Advanced Classes: AP Computer Science

Al-Noor Academic Program (High School)


Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, SAT Math, Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus AB.


Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Physics; AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, AP Psychology.

Applied Science:

STEM Program, Engineering Class (Building a Go-Kart), Coding, and AP Computer Science A.


4 years of English; SAT English, AP English Language, AP English Literature.

Social Studies:

Global History I, Global History II, US History, Economics and Civics; AP Human Geography, AP American Politics, AP Economics.

Foreign Languages:

Arabic (4 years), Arabic Regents, Advanced Arabic; Conversational Spanish/French.


Annual Art Projects and Fairs, Graphic Design, AP Art.

Quran Memorization Program:

We have extra Quran Memorization available during zero period for all students. All students are required to have Juz A’maa memorized as a graduation requirement.

AP Classes

  • AP Computer Science A (8th Grade+;Yahia Musa)

  • AP Human Geography (9th Grade+;Anya Saeed)

  • AP Biology (10th Grade+; Nassry Mohammad)

  • AP Chemistry (11th Grade+; Yihia Mohammad)

  • AP Environmental Science (11th Grade+; Noreen Malik)

  • AP Calculus AB (12th Grade; Moath Alhamayel)

  • AP English Language & Composition (12th Grade, Nezam Hassan)

  • AP English Literature & Composition (12th Grade, Dr. Hakeem)

  • AP Psychology (12th Grade, Sumaya Abedin)