The Muslim community of Brooklyn, will forever be thankful to the generous donors and founding members of Al Noor School. They displayed the unique vision of creating a safe environment conducive to the preservation of the identity and academic progress of their children. This should be measured against crimes, drug abuse, and extreme measures used to ensure the safety of students and the quality of education in the public schools.

Probably, when Al-Noor started in 1995, many had expressed doubts as to its future and did not conceive that it would double its size, attain a K-12 status, and establish itself as the largest Islamic School in New York with a student population of 623 (Elementary School: 435 students; High School: 188 students). The philosophy of Al-Noor relates to the determination of Muslims to assert themselves. Muslims must develop self-confidence and repose confidence in Al-Noor that as a school it can attain and surpass the achievements of other schools, public and parochial.

Al-Noor is very much concerned with the general academic development of its students, their morals, values, and identity as Muslims. The efforts of the administration and faculty have proven that Al-Noor can offer its students a quality education to enter the best colleges, In June 2002, the first batch of students graduated and received the high school diploma. This is a remarkable achievement and Al-Noor will continue to add more of these fulfillmen